Thursday, September 30, 2010

Current artisan - Kazuyo's collection Paddington

Hi, I have not introduced the great craft people in my shop yet. Today, I am introducing my accompanies.

Japanese painting(日本画) - Yoko Murakami Brisbane
Calligraphy(書道) - Yumi Brisbane
linocut - Francis Brisbane, Raquel Brisbane
Woodblock print - Nagao gallery Asakusa Tokyo

Kimono bear - Haruko Brisbane
Japanese contemporary textile craft(purse etc)- Double happiness(Keiko Brisbane)
Textile corsage - Atelier Apple
Newspaper brooch - Keiko's mother Japan
cloisonne(七宝焼)- Haruko's mother Japan

Sashiko picture, kimono craft works - Takako

Jewellery - Uminico(Yumiko Nii Tokyo), Marimo(Keiko Brisbane), Jenny Brisbane,
Kimono Jewellery - Kimono reincarnate (Melanie) Brisbane

And Green tea - Aya Green Tea (Aya Brisbane), Aya's family tea company, Shizuoka Japan

Special contributor(Volunteer staff!!) - Japanese vintage kimono, ceramic ware buyer - My parents

At last I am still loving vintage kimono recycle work as a vintage kimono bag maker!!

Next week also coming new works such as the lovely Wool felt chokers, earrings(Marimo, Keiko), Kimono picture with the beautiful vintage timber framing(Bloc Daryl O'Brien)

A tiny shop(workshop), but many unique artisan's work at Kazuyo's collection, Paddington QLD.
I appreciate very much for the past and current accompanies. Arigato!!! And please keep watching our works too!

Volunteer kimono buyer - My parents

New artisan Marimo(Keiko)
please don't miss her new work- the wool felt chokers are so gorgeous, so a couple of paddington's popular shop owners asked her where she got from!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kokeshi's face and Great birthday handmade present to grandfather - paintTshirt!

Hi, Please have a look the picture, these are simple art & craft.

My daughter has just drawn Tshirt for my dad. It's very easy but must be a special item for grandfather!! Also from baby to school students, everybody can be enjoying the Tshirt paint and grandfather must be 100% happy too! Any craft shop sell the permanent ink for fabrics.

She has also drawn A kokeshi doll on a small canvas, which is for my mother.

I feel, here, KOKESHI doll is very popular at Brisbane, Australia through the product"Kimmidoll"

That's why? her drawing doll is not like Japanese traditional Kokeshi, it's Kimmidoll!!!

Kokeshi doll is originally popular at TOHOKU area(Aomori, Yamagata, Miyagi) in Japan as a traditional hand craft. My parents are the kokeshi collector when they travel Tohoku on autumn

Have a look a traditional kokeshi face and compare to Kimmidoll.

What do you feel???

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sashiko pictures arrived - Paddington, Brisbane!!!

What's a beautiful works by Takako. She made the patterns and stitched with Sashiko way!!!
I am proud of her works here in Brisbane!!! Please have a look the real picture at my shop.
Recently, I have many chances to see many talented Japanese and OZ artisans. ARIGATO!!

Kazuyo's collection - vinatge kimono sash

Hi, this time, I introduce my work. The picture shows the 3 vintage kimono sashes which has a long history. The sash is over 100 years, such as your great grand mother.

The first stage was a wedding gown. a long time ago, it was so expensive to have silk textiles for the Japanese general people . So, after wedding ceremony, general people remade the gown to kimono sash and used the sash for a whole life at special occasion.

I like very much about these recycle culture. That's a reason why I am making vintage kimono bag and other crafts with vintage kimono. we can use the old kimono as the vintage kimono bags at the 21st century!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Daruma spirit

Hi, I am talking a bit about my life. It has been Daruma's feeling!

Daruma has been a symbolic of optimism persistence, strong determination and good luck!!

Most daruma's eyes are blanks. When a person sets up a specific goal, filling the one eye in with black ink. After achieved the goal, fill the other eye in.

We Japanese has an old proverb "七転八起(nana-korobi ya-oki)".
The meaning is "Life has its ups and downs, please do not be so depressed!"

I have been learning such a Japanese spirit through Brisbane's life. So I painted the daruma picture which is myself(up and down!!)!! "Life is fun, so ups and downs, do our best and enjoy as much as we can!!!