Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brisbane style - how to wear kimono

-- Continuing from the last article--

At my shop, Customers buy kimonos as the following purpose.
  • Full length kimono(Homongi, Tomesode, furisode etc) -As a morning gown, but mostly for hanging on wall
  • Summer kimono ; As a sleeping gown / Original use as Yukata
  • Kimono Jacket(Haori) - As a party gown with tights, simple dress / casual wear with jeans
  • Kimono coat(Michi-yuki-gi) - As a party gown / As a top with loose belt

The picture is the one of my customer who wore the Kanoko-shibori's Haori(kimono jacket) with Han-obi(A half wide size of sash) herself.

Generally Haori is popular for my customer as a party gown. Otherwise enjoy with a textile string.

She asked me how to tie the sash and we tried a couple of times. she already got before the purchase. So quick learner!! She promised me to send a her "kimono debut" picture soon. As soon as I got, I will show you!

Hope she enjoy and learn more about "how to tie Obi" through maybe You-tube???

At the moment, kimono price as same as Japanese vintage(second-hand)market price.

Through my custmers, I am very intersting to introduce kimono cultuer in the daily life of Brisbane's people.

Used Kimono Jacket available from $30 / Kimono available from $80 at Kazuyo's collection

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Hi! Do you know where to get geta sandals in Brisbane too?