Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vintage kimono teddy bear show

Finally, 7 vintage kimono teddy bears together last Sunday at Auditorium, RNA show ground!
They were so cute!!!
I, Kazuyo's collection and Aya, Aya green tea also join in the table. Looks very Japanese!!

I and Haruko wore vintage kimono dress made with Tomesode(Japanese lady's formal kimono)

Vintage kimono bags and Brooches were also happy next to teddies!

Made of the same Vintage kimono which was Haori(kimono jacket) with lovely Shibori pattern.
Now the vintage kimono teddy bears are at Kazuyo's collection, Please come and have a look!
They are so cute more than the pictures!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to prepare vintage kimono textile for making vintage kimono bear and kimono bag

Hi, As you know I am making the vintage kimono bags at shop and studio at home.
However, nobody knows how much I need time for preparing the textiles.

1. looking for the vintage kimono in Japan - I, myself and my parents to get the textile from country side, small solo trading shop. Because the balance of kimono's price and condition is very important for supplying the bag with reasonable price, If Tokyo, Kyoto, please pop in the markets. Also I am an analogue person who wanna check the quality with my eye, so visit the place!

2. unpicking without any damage on the textile - it's like a mediation for me!

3. wash - some kimono can wash, some kimono should not!!(I had many disaster's experiences)
Please do not use hot water, easy to shrink!!!

4.dry - hang up under the shade until half dry.

5. iron - when half dry, start to iron over the thin textile(the picture's case were using a towel and a thin textile for keeping nice Shibori pattern(3D).

So, now it's time to cut the textile for making kimono bag, bear, brooch....

By the way, Christmas is coming soon, For the Christmas gift, now the last timing for taking customised order(I will take the order until 3rd of Dec). If Brisbane people, please pop in my shop. Otherwise, please send an email to

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Japanese tea ceremony on 4th Dec

Hi, Anyone who are interested in the Japanese tea ceremony, here is the event information.

When ; The 4th Dec 2010 (Sat) from 11am
Where; Richard Randall Studio, Mt. Coot-tha Botanic garden, Brisbane
Any inquiry ; please contact 0405 402 340

Tea ceremony by Haruko and "Aya green tea"

And also The 1st Dec(Wed) to 5th Dec (Sun), Christmas's Bazaar for fundraising the garden, The art, craft and others. It will be a chance to buy The Christmas gift! I will join as a vintage kimono artisan.

Any further information, please contact to me 07 3368 1510 Kazuyo's collection(Weekday 10am to 4pm).

Friday, November 5, 2010

Vintage kimono bag with tomesode and the cousin's collection at West End

Hi, this year, I have been enjoying to make the kimono bags with Tomesode(Formal dress code for Japanese kimono lady) and Shibori(tied dye).

The top picture's bag were made with Tomesode's sleeve(Family crest) and a 100yrs vintage kimono sash(Obi). The bottom picture's were made with Tomesode.

These bags give you some idea about Japanese four season's plants and landscape too!
(Sorry I still use my mobile for taking picture. So not enough to enjoy the pictures)

There are more TOMESODE kimono bags at Kazuyo's collection now. You might feel Japanese traditional dress code too!

Here is an information from the one of my accompany at Kazuyo's collection, Jenny who makes the beautiful resin jewellery.

She will have an Exhibition "the cousins' collection" with her family who are very talented for paintings.

Date: 27 Nov (Sat) to 1 Dec (Wed) 2010
Opening night 26 Nov Fri 6pm to 10pm
Place: Circle Gallery at 274 Montague Road West End QLD

Artists: Rhyl Henzell, Jenny Henzell, Bronwyn Searle and Philip Gough