Monday, February 28, 2011

Japanese homewares & craft tea - Current stock at Kazuyo's collection

Since I opened Japanese art&craft tea shop in Brisbane 2009, over 10 Japanese and a couple of OZ who related to Japanese art&craft has joined in my tiny shop.

Eco recycled works
Sashiko picture - TAKAKO

Raisin works and my flower choker(20s fabric)

Ryukyu KASURI (SILK) with Leather bag

Hair pin - crochet, moon flower

Do you remember the earrings are made by Keiko as same as felted necklace!

I really liked the fitting of the first shop.
I really shocked when I needed to move in the current shop.
It's happened just in a couple of month since I started my shop.
Now my shop is in a framing shop.

The shop owner helped me to stay in Paddington.

Since Moved to the framing shop, I missed my favourite parts -
enjoy Japanese teas with friends and customers,
social events such as tea ceremony, origami, calligraphy etc, ...
In addition, the limited new customers which is caused by
"My shop can not see from outside, HIDING SPOT such as hide and seek!!!"
However I got a beautiful window
I know how closer customers I have got.

I might have a break to set up my real place and refresh my work this year.

Until then, please enjoy my favourite tiny world which are always making by real handcraft, some of profession, most of hobby persons...But the works give some small happy feeling to you!!

Please do not forget the following is a bit retro to Antique Japanese homewares!

Contemporary -90s
Contemporary Sushi plate (50s)

Antique IMARI and ARITA pottery (End of Edo period to Meiji period)

MINO-yaki - 2010

Friday, February 25, 2011

vintage kimono bag - step1

Today my favorite picture was gone to my nextdoor shop person. I wish all the time, I could have a peaceful mind.
I just started to unpick the kimono which already are damaged some parts and not wearable kimonos.
When kimono is old and textile is not enough strong, the unpicking is the hardest work and taking a long time.
The time is such as meditation. Gently and carefully, I am unpicking!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sea creatures with Felted wool

Fly - already at the mid of Feb 2011. Starting with heavy snowing in Japan, Flood in QLD, and now earthquake at NZ. We feel something wrong on earth and hope everything will be on the track soon....

Here is "Sea creatures" by Jen Henzell. She knitted and felted the pure 100% wool.

The works is on the window at Kazuyo's collection until the end of Feb.

The works might lead you to a peaceful nature world.

I lost Camera last Dec, then I could not show any works. Yesterday I got new mobile. So I can take pictures with Mobile. But I am an dinosaur, so very hard to use new technology!!!

The quality of pictures are always not enough to show on blog.

However I wanna share the beautiful handmade works. Hope you can enjoy....

Necklace made by Design Askew, The scrap Leather&kimono brooch by me, earring rasin earings by Jen Henzell(Sorry Can not see well, I will try to show the details again)