Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kimono Brooch Workshop on 16 April - Botanique Bazaar

A collection of botanically inspired works for exhibition and sale

April 13 to 17 10am til 4pm

At the Richard Randall Studio Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt. Coot-tha Road, Toowong

Featuring: works on paper, canvas, ceramics, jewellery, fibre, textiles, re-fashioned couture and accessories...  

find the perfect gift in time for Mother’s Day!

Saturday Morning Workshops 16 Apr (Sat) morning - 1.5 hours

Felting - $45

Japanese Flowers brooch in paper and kimono fabric - $ 25

Preview with Wine, Nibbles + Raffle Prizes

13 Apr (Wed) 6:30 til 8:30 R.S.V.P

Bookings & Enquiries: bettina.palmer235@gmail.com 07-33661682, 0405 402 340

*All funds raised directly benefit the Volunteer Guide Activities in Botanic

Friday, March 25, 2011

ARIGATO from Kazuyo's collection

This time, I quickly would like to say "ARIGATO-thank you" for my customers and all artists and craft lovers in my shop. The shop is closing down today, at 2pm.

ARIGATO. I have just written the calligraphy now, not good drawing, but this is my feeling.


Kazuyo's collection
Japanese art&craft, tea shop at Paddington

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Shibori"vintage kimono necklace, kimono bag - updated kimono craft

I like SHIBORI(Tied dyed). I use the scraps of shibori and leather.
The following are a few of popular kimono bags at my shop, Kazuyo's collection. shop is closed down this Saturday. For a while, I will update further more kimono products!!

kimono brooch & newspaper brooch workshop at Botanique Bazaar, Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Paper and kimono brooch of the picture are popular crafts in Japan.
Paper brooch is made of newspaper.
Kimono brooch is made of the scrap of vintage kimono with traditional craft technique called "Tsumami zaiku".

I will have a workshop during Botanique Bazaar and wanna share a few of Japanese craft skills.
After I know the event details, I will inform you again. There is a felting workshop too!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kazuyo's collection closes down on the 26th Mar 2011

First of all, I am so sorry for the big disaster in Japan. I have been worrying and watching the situation on online for a whole week. Tsunami, Nuclear accident was so sad.

I just pray...and I would like to ask you, please keep watching and supporting Japanese people.

In the world, everyday, there are many accidents and sad news around us.
So I always feel that I should do my best day by day, it's sometime JOY, sometime SADNESS.

But Joy and Sadness are only for us who are alive now on earth.

I will close down my shop next Saturday 26 Mar. I have learnt many things from my customers and accompany.

Gift shop is unique place.

It's not only buying gift place, I could see many person's life through my shop.

A young lady came and asked how to hold crane. she was nervous and shaking hands. It did not come from holding crane, she had a big event "she will see her nature mother on that day". This week, she came back and reported the event, her family got together. She had no more shaking, just happy beautiful smile!

Last week, Japanese young lady came with OZ. She worried about her family, her future life in Japan. I just could said to her "Please wait for a while, you just do your best day by day"

The person who has just broke up,

The person who has just got a boy friend,

The person who is going/coming back to Japan,

The person who is looking for job,

The person who is injured,

The person who wanna learn Japanese and Japanese culture...

These persons have many different reasons to come in my shop, but something related to Japan..

I like people as same as art and craft.

After I have finalised a couple of things, I will open my shop in Brisbane again.

If any chance to pop in Paddington this week, please pop in and share the last moment.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vintage kimono bag, kimono brooch, necklace - Kaz current works

This year I will try further more for improving not only design also functions as bag too.
Please keep watching my works!!

Tomesode(lady's formal kimono) with leather

                              CHIRIMEN kimono with leather

Vintage kimono scrap recycled brooch

Tomesode with leather

Celebration sash with leather

1920's Tomesode necklace

Wool kimono(80's)

Haori(kimono jacket) with leather

Hina-matsuri GIRL's festival

the 3rd of March is Hina-Matsuri.
The pair of dolls are my daughter's which her grand parents gave her with "best wish" when we family cerebrated the 1st hina-matsuri for her.
Hope the girls have the real happiness, quality of life. Be gentle and kind as a lady too!