Wednesday, May 25, 2011

kimono bag - OBI(kimono sash) with leather

 Just simple combination between Obi(kimono sash) and leather. the sash is vintage sash (actually retro 60's & 70's), leather is off-cut. It's very different looking with SHIBORI bag., isn't it!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not vintage kimono, but..."from 1980 onwards" is better???

It's the first time for me no motivation to make bags.
The reason is..............I am wondering I should not try to make the real vintage kimono bags.
I have made a lot, maybe a thousand bags in last 6 years. I enjoyed a lot about many different kimonos and sashes without any concern of the bag's future.

The real vintage kimono is already such as great grandmother. So, as a bag, it's not strong enough practically.

In the last article, I described about the experiment of glues which use between the kimono and interface.The glues made vintage fabrics strong but kill the fine silk feature.

My current feeling - I should not use the fine vintage kimono silk as same as "from 1980 onwards"sash.

That means...I should use the fine vintage kimono silk(1900-1960) for only the party bags or partly patched works?? - However, if the user understand well about that the vintage kimono bag need to maintenance well such as caring great grandma, it will still be the unique beautiful bag made of the real vintage kimono!

I really want to use the vintage kimono for a whole panel of bags - people can enjoy dynamic pattern or story on the vintage bag.

I might be writing this article myself - talking myself Sorry.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Shibori - the surface of textile feature "凸凹"

For a while, I have had a heaps of experiment about glue for making the "Practically strong" vintage kimono bags. PVA, PVG, Spray, Fabric glue, industrial wooden work glue, Super strong.......

However, I started to miss the "real textile" which means ..

The glue makes textile strong, but kill the textile softness.

Especially, most kimono is silk, so the sense of touch is very big feature of textile.

The following two are made of Shibori and off-cut leather.

The first one has lost the textile feature 凸凹bubble of SHIBORI. The reason is:
I used a glue between SHIBORI textile and interface(thick scrap textile), so the shibori turned to a thick fabric and no more silky bubble creature. However the bag become strong.

The second one is available to feel the original od shibori surface feature.

When we stuck with something, nature power is working for us! Yesterday I went the Mt Coo-tha Botanic garden for the workshop meeting with Dr. Virginia Jones, a ceramic artist and Yoko Murakami, a painter.

The pictures were taken by me. My feeling was "an ANT"!
I wish I was an ant, because the ants can see the diffrent view of our world!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Japanese red "Beni" and Japanese indigo "Ai" - kimono bag

When I started making vintage kimono bags long time ago. It was popular the combination between red kimono and denim textiles.
For a while, I had not used much a red kimono until I am "re"-interested in Japanese indigo textiles.

About the indigo - Such as KASURI and TSUMUGI of  the vintage indigo's kimono are so expensive recently. So, I start using "Yukata - summer cotton kimono, after 80's"

Since enjoying the Japanese indigo world, I had a fresh feeling the combination "Red" and"Indigo"
That's more than red and black!!

 The bag is not for party, but match with your casual wear..especially, white, black, denim, red, and indigo's.
The picture's bag is available on line shopping,
The bags are made of;
Vintage girl's kimono (50's)
Hand dye indigo with natural plant (back and strap)
2 yukatas -Summer cotton indigo kimono
and offcuts leather, black kimono  ANYWAY, you will be able to enjoy the 3 different indigo!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day & SASHIKO picture by Takako on "Etzy"

Here is my accompany, Takako who makes the beautiful sashiko pictures.
She has just set up her first online store.
Now it's available to see more works and buy through etzy on line.

Please visit and have a look!
The sashiko works are framed by the museum grade frame and natural timber.

By the way, it was MOTHER's DAY last Sunday.

My mummy, my friend so dear, throughout my life you're always near.

A tender smile to guide my way, you're the sunshine to light my way.

My daughter gave me a card. The poem was not her work, it's supplied by her teacher.
However, the poem is very nice!

Takako is also a mother of her son. Hope she had a happy mother's day too!!