Sunday, July 31, 2011

絆BOND Scrap textile collaboration EAST and WEST

 Hi, Finally Kizuna Exhibition has just started today. I went to Hanasho yesterday, I knew that a pretty much artworks had already been sold for Fundraising! ATRIGATO!!

Kizuna means "BOND". I was thinking the bond of  recycled textile between Kimono and the other western textiles.
 The design of bags are still simple and pretty Japanese. But the scrap of western textiles has been changed my kimono bag's image.
Of course, I still love the vintage kimono bag made of vintage Japanese kimono textiles!!

The picture's works are at Hanasho for Kizuna fundraising art exhibition to help Japan.
If you have time, please pop in the exhibition! There are variety of artworks from about 50 artists and crufties. Painting, CG, Ceramic, Calligraphy, Linocut, jewelry, recycled timber works, kimono works, wood works more....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kizuna Fundraising ART Exhibition to Help Japan coming next week!

Time has been flying since Japanese disaster happened this March. The Exhibition will be held from 1st of Aug, next week!

Hiroaki Eba(Hanasho Owner) organised a meeting with only 6 Japanese Brisbane based local artists on 31 March.

Now, about 50 artists contribution for exhibition, the 3 groups of musicians for mini concert and many contribution as volunteers!!!

Here is the details of event, please pop in the Internet world first and hope see you on site!
You can see all artists name and works too! (coming more!!)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enjoy Japanese homemade food! - JCB (Japanese club of Brisbane) Bazaar on 30 July 2011

Just quick information for JCB Bazaar 2011 will be held
at Indooroopilly state high school
on the 30th July 2011 from 12:30 - 15:00.

The parents of Japanese school will cook Japanese homemade meals and sweets.
Also Sushi, Yakisoba(Fried noodle), Okonomiyaki(pan cake) and etc from the Japanese profession suppliers.

The sticky rice making performance(trial) might be fun too!

Japanese traditional kid's play area is also setting up, such as KENDAMA, OTEDAMA(Jaggling balls), board games.

Please drop in and enjoy Japanese food and culture!! All welcomed!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Simple toto style kimono bag - Shibori and vintage sash(Crane)

I have not made any bags for the last month. It's not happened since I started making the kimono bags.
Now, I NEED to be ready for the Kizuna fundraising art exhibition to help Japan and a couple of art show.

For a while, I was enjoying textiles and design of bags since I closed down my shop. The break time which I did not touch vintage kimono textiles reminds me "Simple beauty" of kimono bags.

The followings are just made, very simple toto style bags which enjoy the combination between SHOWA era's SHIBORI and MEIJI era's cerebration sash.

I suppose....that's combination is one of FUN for working with VINTAGE TEXTILES.

Totally diffrent time zone(era) can be together as a work!