Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spring has come! field mustard 菜の花

A tiny small natural beauty - NANO-HANA called "field mustard?!" the flower is a part of radish leaves. It's matching with Japanese small vase, isn't it!
It's very deference between a bunch of flowers such as roses. Even if it's weed's flower, still makes a small beauty world.

Since Japan week was finished, I have got cold(Unusual!)...Heavy coughing makes me very down..

Today, very warm day, so I start making bags.
The warm weather is better for textiles, especially interfacing work.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scrap timber project - An idea from Hakone yosegi-saiku

As an experiment of the scrap project, I made a multi-purpose timber stall with timber scrap with Daryl O'Brien. There are the variety of species, colour's timber as garbages at a joinery shop.

When I saw the mountain of timber scrap, I remembered the two techniques of Japanese traditional wooden work. "Hakone yosegi-zaiku" with  dovetail joint technique.

As soon as the first work done, I have been using for a couple of months as a Japanese tea table with my daughter, side table for TV remote controller, a stall for adult etc. It's small stall, but pretty heavy and very stable for any purpose of use. The first idea was "no more throw to Bin!", so we can use as a shelf for kid's, table, side table, stall further more....

From now, we will start next challenge....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Japan week: MOCHI Performance and Tasting on 28th Aug, this Sunday!

In Brisbane, Japanese week is coming up!

This Sunday, "Mochi" sticky rice cooking performance and tasting will be held at the Japanese Garden, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden, Brisbane. The Japanese club of Brisbane presents this event!

The timetable is as below;
1st time: 10:45-(about 20mins)  performance and tasting
2nd time: 11:15-(about 20mins)  performance and tasting

3rd time: 11:45-(about 20mins)  performance and tasting

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Draw as a kid! - Anybody can be an artist in PC graphic world!

Taking pictures and a bit edit in PC, so now it's like a graphic  art work, isn't it!
Anybody could make art works on your wall!!
Actually, I took a picture, The picture was edited by my daughter.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The scrap textilles on kimono bag2 - upcycled as a modern style!

The artist night of Kizuna Fundraising Art Exhibition to Help Japan was successfully held last night!
I was a volunteer's cashier, so not much chance to talk with visitors. However, I felt very much that all visitors love Japan and support us!

The pictures are my new works which I told in the last article. Kizuna(means Bond) exhibition gave me new world "Bond between Kimono and Western textiles. Of course, I am focusing "RECYCLE" and "SCRAP" So, I got many small scraps such as 5-10cm.
 I like the "see through"! The base of textile is Vintage kimono sash. But the bag revived very new and modern, didn't it!
I also like "classy" kimono bag too!