Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amazing vintage sash and Tomesode - kimono purse & bags

When unpicked vintage sashes, I Generally knows from end of textile about where made such as Nishi-jin weaving(西陣織)This sash  case was unusual. The weaving style name was on the end of textile, On the opposite side of end, I saw 謹製Sincerely making 竹近右 person's name such as the above picture. It must be at least Meiji era.

The following purse were made with the above vintage kimono sash.
Can you see how different the outcomes!

Of course, a tiny thing makes more different with the same textile! Have a look the next picture!

The combination between textiles and colours. Simply enjoy with vintage kimono textiles

The following are patched works with same vintage kimono called TOMESODE(Lady's formal kimono).

A feature of TOMESODE is "do not have a repeating pattern". 

TOMESODE has all different pattern on a whole kimono, part by part(actually bottom part of kimono).
It looks like a picture which show a Japanese traditional landscape with celebration symbols four seasons plants and birds(crane, peacock!).

I used textile up side down. blossom and bamboo leaves, weave on the textile patched with SHIBORI(tied dye)

The last kimono bag which was made with Tomesode patched was a customised bag. The kimono had a Lot's of stains and textile self was so thin silk.But beautifully upcycling! Thanks Kristine!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vintage kimono purse & kimono bags - are you ready for party season?!

Christmas is still ....long way

But it's time to be ready for parties and gift!!That's my feeling since I started making vintage kimono bags.

Here Australia, purses are very popular for party occasion.

However, I also like a small bag made of vintage kimono.

This girl's kimono is not old.  must be so strike in party!

I like this vintage shibori(tied dye) with small tied style bag.
it looks like very Japanese tradition, isn't it!
This celebration sash is 20's. Without borders, looks too old for party bag.
Adding a few whitey sash, now it's a party bag!