Monday, October 31, 2011

Daruma made of vintage kimono - Make a wish for 2012!

Here is the daruma made by vintage girls kimono, lining silk, and black kimono jacket(Haori) and some stitches. The daruma's wish must be..."Wanna have hands and legs!"
Maybe you know this creature??. When you set up your some goal for new year, put one eye with black ink, when the goal is achieved, one more eye will be filled in by you.

Make your wish for 2012 and write down your wish on the blank space, and make your effort....The another eye ball will be filled in at the end of year 2012. This time, it will go well!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Japanese indigo - small recycled textile art

The picture is made of vintage kimono, especially Japanese indigo colour's KASURI, Ai-zome(Japanese indigo with hand dye) Showa era.

Title is "24hours guard - KAKASHI"

I don't have the embroidery sewing machine. So simply zig-zag and hand stitch.I have just enjoyed "indigo's world", but my daughter said too dark and prefer daytime background which I made another one.

The work will go to Hanasho's mixed artist exhibition on Dec.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage kimono bag Scrap project final 2011 - Part2

 About Part2, I enjoy the see through kimono pattern from top surface of scrap textile as below.
 The following bag is Shibori and modern scrap harmony. The interesting thing is the same teq as Sashiko on the modern textile and very matching!

The Green bag is also used a few western scraps. That makes vintage sash new, doesn't it??
 The following are SCRAP textiles, I actually enjoy Scrap with Part1(last article) more!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vintage kimono bag SCRAP project final 2011 - Part1 East meets West!

The pictures bag is 2way(long strap or handle), also one of scrap project "Harmony of scraps" for Cherish, Artisan(Craft Queensland). Actually not sure if they take this work. Because I used also used jeans for upcycling textile. Taken time, but so fun for picking and thinking layout of scraps!

The following 2 pictures are the same bag, just front and back, Japanese and ????.

 The lace is working with Indigo, The same is Jeans and lace combination.
Maybe, the Japanese indigo textile is originally for working shirts in old days.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kimono bag - where can I buy Kaz's kimono bag?

 Since I closed down my shop, people asked me where I can buy your kimono bag. Especially this month, people asked more...maybe for Christmas shopping starting!

Artisan(Craft Queensland) have been looking after my kimono works for a long. And I supplied to Hanasho, West End, which is a beautiful handmade art and craft, also flowers.
The both of them are supporters for artisan, aren't they?

However, the busy people has not much time to go shopping to other suburb.
So, I have just supplied a couple of more shops!

Bleeding heart, City : The one of my customer recommend a place, it's not a commercial based gift shop. the purpose of organisation is "Fundraising" for many organisations ....The shop is attached to Cafe & Gallery. Honestly The shop is not sophisticated, but some good community space "OASIS"  as same as the outlooking, Queenslander timber house in the City!!!

Four Heart, Paddington ; The shop is located in Paddington Central, a tiny shop, but Debbie's collection is wide range from kid's toy, gift, clothing, etc. I have known her since I opened my tiny shop. She is so nice lady such as my big sister.

At last, pin on white walls, Graceville ; The owner, Louise was my customer and her collection of items are so unique and also she appreciate one-off, handmade designer's works. She is talented and also trade interior decor & design.

The last 2 shop are not ethnic taste and very western style shop. But I hope their customers also enjoying Japanese tradition through my works.

I am a handmade kimono bag maker, so I am sorry I can not supply much.

Online shopping; I will try to supply new kimono bag works to Aya greentea website at the end of Oct 2011.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kimono bag - 3 ways bag!! how much do you carry your stuff today???

Maybe already you might imagine how 3ways style is.
Please have a look the followings. Is your guess right?

The sash is as same as the last article. The pattern is weaved, so very tough material. Good for a big bag.