Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vintage kimono bags for West End people

Here is the super vintage kimono bags for "West End" mixed artists exhibition from 1st Dec.

Can you believe if the red kimono is the lining of Meisen Haori(Kimono Jacket)?
It might be Taisho era, 1910's to ....

Very good condition and it's cotton. I use the Haori "inside outside". Meisen top surface is the lining of the bag. The lining is now the top surface of kimono bag.
 Tomesode kimono is one of my favourite. It's also 1910's to....(Taisho era)

Why are the bags patched a lot? as design?? I avoid stains and hole of insect's bite

One more following event for Christmas Bazaar at Mt. Coot-tha Botanic Garden. There are many local artists reasonable art and craft works in the Bazaar. Also "Origami box making workshop" on 2nd Dec 2011. If interested, Contact to Bettina 0405 402 340

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scrap timber stool project 2011 - Finally DONE!

The scrap timber is beautifully revived by Daryl O'Brien and his accompany.

At the beginning of this year, he took me Darra joinery. There were the mountains of scrap timbers in there. How sad, environmentally not happy too!

Here is a release for this 20 limited edition's stools. Please read through. It's just stool. But we can see the beauty of timber's nature!!

The need for a multi-purpose but aesthetically appealing furniture object using recycled materials lead to this simple scrap timber stool composition featuring a“Tsugi-hagi (patching the scrap textiles on cloths)” motif.
Tsugi-hagi, it was common for everyday cloths to make the life longer in Japan.

The stool will also show the variety of timber’s beauty which is those original features such as “Hakone Yosegi zaiku”

This simple piece can be multiplied to expand its use as seats, table, stand or shelving. Otherwise it can be a
simple stand alone piece of art to be simply enjoyed for the beautiful hues radiated by each timber strip.

The uniqueness of each piece is preserved because each stool has variable timber species fixed in random widths and hues not seen in the next stool.

The stool construction is simple glued and clamped timbers without any fixings.

The project bought together various artists and skilled craft persons:

Overall concept and Japanese vintage fabrics ; Kazuyo Kashiwagi

Detail design and construction; Bloc; Daryl O’Brien

Motif configuring and typography; Gemma O’Brien

Timber scraps from Darra Joinery ; John, Tony and Jill.

Various Australasian timber species were randomly selected including cedars, silky oaks, jarrah, rosewood,
silver ash, pine, mahogany and kwila.

Other contributors included Brizsteel (steel jig), Hermann Schoenhart (laser cutting), CNC Creations (branding iron), Ed Mcdonnell and Taiki Yamoako (Bloc construction) and Paddington Hardware (Danish oil and Mother of Pearl natural bees wax.

Many thanks for all!
If interested this 20 limited edition, please contact to Daryl O'Brien

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

stitch art - "Sea of Okinawa" with Japanese vintage kimono

 I have enjoyed "運針 UNSHIN - handling simple stitch".

"The sea of Okinawa" Quiet, not much wave, Blue and white....

The textiles are ; Cotton"Kasuri"and Ai-zome",  Hemp "Chijimi" on the 50s Summer Zabuton(Cushion) cover. It looks very cool(temperature's cool!!), isn't it!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Japanese indigo scrap art with scrap timber frame

 Title is "Pray -Ojizo-san" made with Japanese indigo scrap textile.
 As a part or scrap timber project, I asked my friend, Daryl O'Brien to frame the picture with scrap timber.
Finally, the picture turn out looks like a little shrine!

I made a few Japanese indigo scrap arts, "Freedom - escape from moon", "24 hours guard - Kakashi" All goes to the following mixed Exhibition at Hanasho, West End.

The exhibition is organised by Hanasho. There are many talented artists who love West End. The works are also unique painting, jewelry, softy, pottery.... The artist night is on 1st Dec from 6:30 - 8:30. Please pop in!

I am still enjoying to make kimono bag too..

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sashiko or stich? Final - Japanese indigo scrap work

 In the last article, I felt the work was completed. During the waiting time for framing, I was thinking...The title of work "昭和SHOWA era, JAPAN". So, I started thinking about my life in SHOWA.
Added Atom, Doraemon, Kakashi(Scare crow), it's too much things in a patched work.
 But, that's a part of Showa. The work will be able to see at Hanasho from 1st Dec. Hope you can  enjoy it!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sashiko or stitch? - Handling of needle with Japanese indigo scrap -

 Here is the pictures which I have just made "the Japanese indigo's collection" .
Do you know how sashiko's stitch is different with normal stitch. It's not thread. Sashiko needs to sew one by one stitch.
 The following is just stitched. Hope you can see deference with the above pictures. It's much flat.

 The following picture is my favourite textiles collection. I enjoyed making kimono bags with these textiles for last 6 years.

Now all only scraps. S I made with my memories.
Indigo Kasuri, Chijimi, hand dyed indigo's cotton. All so nice!
I know it's silly to frame it. But I will!