Monday, November 14, 2011

Japanese indigo scrap art with scrap timber frame

 Title is "Pray -Ojizo-san" made with Japanese indigo scrap textile.
 As a part or scrap timber project, I asked my friend, Daryl O'Brien to frame the picture with scrap timber.
Finally, the picture turn out looks like a little shrine!

I made a few Japanese indigo scrap arts, "Freedom - escape from moon", "24 hours guard - Kakashi" All goes to the following mixed Exhibition at Hanasho, West End.

The exhibition is organised by Hanasho. There are many talented artists who love West End. The works are also unique painting, jewelry, softy, pottery.... The artist night is on 1st Dec from 6:30 - 8:30. Please pop in!

I am still enjoying to make kimono bag too..

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glennjf said...

Very creative use for scrap timber, it does look like a little shrine I also think this artwork will be well received.

Keep up your good work :)