Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vintage kimono bags for West End people

Here is the super vintage kimono bags for "West End" mixed artists exhibition from 1st Dec.

Can you believe if the red kimono is the lining of Meisen Haori(Kimono Jacket)?
It might be Taisho era, 1910's to ....

Very good condition and it's cotton. I use the Haori "inside outside". Meisen top surface is the lining of the bag. The lining is now the top surface of kimono bag.
 Tomesode kimono is one of my favourite. It's also 1910's to....(Taisho era)

Why are the bags patched a lot? as design?? I avoid stains and hole of insect's bite

One more following event for Christmas Bazaar at Mt. Coot-tha Botanic Garden. There are many local artists reasonable art and craft works in the Bazaar. Also "Origami box making workshop" on 2nd Dec 2011. If interested, Contact to Bettina 0405 402 340


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