Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CRAFT WORKSHOPS with kimono fabrics!

Create beautiful bags and other objects using vintage kimono fabrics. Reserve your spot today inside the shop! (Payment is required at the time of booking.) Workshops are held at Kazuyo’s Collection (195B Boundary St., West End) . For enquires, ask Kazuyo in the shop, or call her at 0432 821 568, or email her at ♥ PLAY WITH KIMONO FABRICS  •Every Tuesday 10:30am
to noon •$15 per session plus the cost of fabrics you use ($10 to 15/metre). Pick pieces of beautiful fabrics Kazuyo brings to her Tuesday class and make bags, accessories and whatever your imagination leads to. Kazuyo will offer you useful tips to help your idea take shape. The workshop fee paid at the time of booking includes Kazuyo’s clever advice and hiring of basic sewing tools such as sewing machines and needles. Cost of fabrics you buy for your activities will be paid at the end of each workshop. ♥ “TSUMAMI ZAIKU” with Kazuyo •Thursday 19 September 10:30am to noon Another class planned in mid October (date TBA) •$24 (including materials) “Tsumami Zaiku” is a Japanese technique to make a little flower from squares of silk fabrics. Each tiny square is folded into a single petal and collectively they make a flower. Follow Kazuyo’s instructions and use pretty vintage Kimono fabric to make your accessories using a Tsumami technique. ♥ BAG MAKING with Kazuyo •Thursday 24 October 10:30am to noon •$55 (including materials) In this class, Kazuyo shares her expertise to make a bag from Kimono vintage fabrics. Follow friendly instructions by Kazuyo, who has years of experience in creating different types of bags from beautiful vintage fabrics, and you will take your own Kimono bag at the end of the workshop.

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