Thursday, September 11, 2014

Artisan to mum's made - Handmade"Teshigoto"

I must have had a long deep sleep. I have just come back this blog since September 2013. About Teshigoto(Handwork) Kazuyo's collection at West end. See how it has been going? - There are about 40 artisans from profession artist to Japanese handmade at my small shop. Artisan(abc order) Akane hand and her mother (Vintage kimono craft) Akiko Mori – Forest (Jewelry) Carolyn Hawken (Saori weaving) Chieko Kadono (China painting) Claire Howard (Silver jewelry) Chisayo Lewis (Mini kitty, Japanese fabric crafts) Christine Wildman – Moonlight and Magnolia (Painter, fabric covered button’s picture) Design Askew (Jewelry) Kari (Ceramic and fabric) Gill Pyke (Origami and resin orchid Jewelry) Haruko Komoto (Vintage kimono teddy bear) Hiroko Nakagawa (Vintage kimono accessory and softy) Jan Pearce (Fabric and knitting craft work) Junko Saragih (Makurame Jewelry) Kazuyo Kashiwagi (kimono bag, Tenugui baby clothing) Keiko Chatterton, Marimo (Brass, Felt Jewelry) Kiyoko Irie (Vintage kimono accessory) Lynne Lyons (Fabric and knitting craft work) Manami (Origami) Mayumi Takamura (Tenugui Baby and Lady’s clothing with kimono fabric) Megan Grinstead, Urban Turkey Enterprises (laser cut tree object, recycled tyre belt) Michele Moon (Kumihimo Jewelry) Mike Fleming (Timber curved spoon) Natalie Billing (Eco dyed scarf and clothing, card) Quirky Birds (Accessory) Rumi Nakauchi (Origami crane earing) Sandi Harrold (Painting, card) Sandra Pearce (Print, Paper making, Journal binding) Saori Smith (jewelry) Sarah Deasy (Brass jewelry) Shin koyama (Artist/Collector, Paint and Ceramic) Stephen Roberts (Ceramic) Tomoko Botta (Kimono accessory and teddy bear) Tatiyana Densko (Felt, brooch) Tomomi Tanowaki, moonflower (Mizuhiki, fabric accessory, Japanese fabric clothing) Yasuyo Takashima (Felt, Toys and softy) Yuki Crawford (Hand woven scarf, painted gift tag) Yukiko Kuno, Binca design (Kimono accessory and bag) Yula You, Lane2 design (map earring)

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